Bring It Home (Discipleship Tips for Parents of Teens)

Bring it Home (October):

In Christianity, discipleship is the process by which someone grows in their faith and walk with Jesus. Being discipled is key to the growth of any believer. Discipleship isn't simply a program, or being taught something, it is learning to live the Christian life modeled by someone who is a more mature believer. This is what the above video addresses.

Discipling your student is our main concern as leaders of this student ministry. We strive to do that by modeling Jesus in our daily lives, and teaching them lessons straight from the Bible.

During the average week, your student will probably only spend about one maybe two hours with us here at church. Each time we meet with them we do our best to help them to develop a deep relationship with God.There is always more to teach than time will allow.

In 2nd Timothy, Paul talks about Timothy's spiritual heritage. Timothy was a disciple of Paul's, but in chapter 1 verse 5, Paul mentions Timothy's mother and grandmother. They were the first ones to share their faith with Timothy. He would go on to be a disciple of Paul's and to be a leader in his church. But first, he was discipled and lead by his family.

This passage shows us that church leaders and families share in the responsibility of discipling children. As parents you will have a bigger impact on your student than I or any other leader of the church will. If you show to your student that your faith in God is real and valuable to you, then your student's faith will become more real and valuable to them as well.

The question then becomes, how do I model my faith for my child at home? You can start by praying together and having a family devotional time where you all gather together and read the Bible. You can also share with your student how you came to faith in Jesus.

The most important thing to remember is that we should never underestimate the impact you as a parent can have on your student's spiritual life. If you take time to intentionally invest in your student's spiritual life, we will see them grow in ways we cannot imagine.

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